Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Shiny Chrome Finish

Feel free to call this the final installment in the late Summer Topps Product Trilogy. Topps Bunt, Allen & Ginter, and now Topps Chrome. Update will be out soon, I'm sure, but for now I've caught up and gotten a sampling of everything out there in retail.

Still love this card - don't care what version or parallel it is. Wish all cards could catch an awesome moment like this,  but if that was the case, there probably would be fewer releases each year.

 I went for a hanging three pack, so it came with some pink parallels. I like the Future Stars insert, stained glass is usually a good choice as a design element.
Here's just a random sampling of the base cards - nothing too fancy or unexpected in the packs.

Chrome is neat, but I probably won't spend any more money on it this year.


  1. I'm usually good for one rack pack of Chrome each year, but that's about it. They usually wind up in dime boxes pretty quick so I can't justify spending $10 on a 15-card rack pack.

  2. Bautista is my favorite card in this year's set.

  3. It will be hard to beat the Bautista for card of the year.

  4. The Bautista definitely had its share of the limelight.