1959 Topps Want List

Here's a list of all the 1959 cards I am looking for to complete my set. Just like the 1956 set, condition will be relative - the bigger the star, the less I will be concerned about a dinged or soft corner. I'd like to avoid cards with big creases, paper loss, and/or with pen marks (Mudcat here is a rare exception!)


 38 Morrie Martin, 
 43 Steve Bilko, 
 76 Bobby Richardson,



Nothing to see here, keep scrollin.'


  509 Norm Cash, 
 516 Mike Garcia,
 520 Don Elston, 
 522 Gene Snyder, 
 525 Jim Coates, 
 528 Pirates Team Card, 
 533 Johnny Klippstein, 
 534 Faye Throneberry, 
 539 Gary Blaylock, 
 540 Willy Miranda. 

551 - 572 All-star teams 

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  1. Brian it's a wonderful set. Still my favorite. I have some dupes that I will dig out as I go through my boxes and check them against your list.