1956 Topps Want list - FINAL CARD!

Working on a 1956 Topps set  - here is the one I am still looking for:

updated 10/9/2017:

These can be gray back or white back,  cards can be any version.

332 - Don Larsen

Images posted are to give an idea of condition I'm looking for. Centering is more important than sharp corners, a little staining or creases are ok. Pen marks on the back are generally ok, as long as they don't cover up text/photos. Would like to avoid cards with paper loss. Much more forgiving for condition of cards for players like Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle vs. Commons. Let me know if you can help me finish this set! I'm happy to trade!


  1. I have #51 sitting in your next stack. It is OC (sorry), but otherwise not a bad vintage RC.